POM Device and Software Overview

An overview of the different POM safety devices and features available via the POM Safe mobile app.

Note: if you are using the older POM mobile app with the icon shown below, please reference the articles in the "Archive" section of the knowledge base for information about the features of that application.


The POM Safe personal safety system gives its users access to a dedicated safety device that will trigger an alert to dispatch emergency services when someone is in danger. There are two device options available: POM Mobile or POM 3.

POM Mobile

POM Mobile is a compact personal safety device with built-in GPS and cellular capabilities that can send an alert to emergency dispatch services without needing connection to a mobile device. It can interface with the POM Safe mobile application to access a number of different safety features. You can learn more about the features of the POM Mobile in the "POM Features" section of the knowledge base.

POM Mobile Front 2


POM 3 is a personal safety product that interfaces with a mobile phone via Bluetooth and provides a dedicated device for users to trigger an alert to emergency services when they are in danger. It also interfaces with the POM Safe mobile application to provide additional safety features. Learn more in the "POM Features" section of the knowledge base.

POM Device

POM Safe Enterprise Mobile App

The POM Safe mobile app is available for both iPhone and Android, and its how you register either your POM Mobile or POM 3 device with the POM safety network. Users much have an invite code from their organization to access the application and register their device. Once the POM Mobile device has been added to the POM safety network, users do not need their phone nearby to use the device to trigger alerts. The POM 3, however, does require the mobile phone with the application open (either in the foreground or background) to send alerts to emergency dispatch services. POM Safe also has a number of other safety features available to users. You can find out more about them in the "POM Features" section of the knowledge base.