How to create your POM account

Explore the information below to help set up your account on the POM Safe app.

To begin, go to the google play or apple store on your phone and download the POM Safe app.

  • Open the POM Safe app and select "Create Account" under the "Log in" button.


  • Tell us how you got your POM by selecting "Through my job" "Through my school" or "Purchased online or a gift".


  • If you got your POM from your job or school, type and select your organization's name.


  • Enter your credentials on the account registration screen.


  • When creating a password you must meet the security credentials by using a minimum of 8 characters that includes at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and a number.


  • Read through and accept the terms and conditions.


  • Enter your phone number and input the confirmation code you receive via text message.


  • Allow phone permissions for location sharing (always), microphone and bluetooth. Please note that your location is only shared during an active emergency alert.


  • Your account is now created.


View this video for more tips!