How does POM locate me?

Find out how POM uses GPS location technology to locate you in the event of an emergency.

Your location is reported using GPS, and the GPS is acquired differently based on the POM device you are using, either the POM 3 (on the left) or POM Mobile (on the right).

Picture2The POM Mobile has built-in GPS and cellular. It does not require a mobile device to trigger alerts. When you triple click the button on the POM Mobile, it uses LTE-M technology to send your location data directly to the emergency dispatch center, even in areas with low cellular coverage.

The POM 3 uses a Bluetooth connection to your mobile device to send an alert signal to the POM Safe Enterprise mobile app, The mobile app then uses the GPS location information from your mobile device.

When you trigger an emergency alert either from the POM device or from the app, your GPS location is sent to a POM Response Dispatcher via cellular (or WiFi connection if sending from your mobile phone). Your location is only shared with dispatch during an emergency alert.

During an emergency alert our dispatcher will view a map containing live-updating GPS location pins. If you are changing location during an alert our dispatchers will be able to relay this information to local emergency responders.

Once the emergency alert is resolved, the map containing your location pins is no longer available to view by dispatchers in the POM Response Center.