How Do I Receive Fake Calls and Text When in "Do Not Disturb" Mode?

There are steps you should take to make sure safety features are still accessible if your device is in "Do Not Disturb"

The steps you need to take to make sure a fake text or call makes it through when your device is "Do Not Disturb" mode will vary depending on if you're using an iPhone or and Android device.

For iPhones, you can save the POM phone number as a contact and make it a favorite, which will allow calls to go through even in "Do Not Disturb". However, this does not work for texts. The best way to make sure calls and texts will make their way through is to configure "Emergency Bypass" mode for the contact you created for the POM number. You can find out more information about how to configure "Emergency Bypass" here.

Android devices vary, but making the POM number contact a favorite should work for calls. If you star a text conversation from the number, that should make texts come through "Do Not Disturb". We recommend checking the documentation on your device's website to confirm the best way to approach.