Explore the Virtual Escort Feature

Virtual Escort can be used to send an emergency alert on your behalf.

The Virtual Escort feature allows you to set an optional destination address and timer. As you travel to your destination the countdown timer begins. When you arrive safely at your destination simply stop the Virtual Escort. If you do not arrive and turn off the escort an emergency alert will be sent to the POM Response Center on your behalf.

Due to the limitations of certain smart phone a phone call may not be automatically initiated through the POM device. Instead, a dispatcher will call your phone to determine the situation. If dispatch is unable to reach you, they will send emergency responders to your location.

If you forget to turn off your virtual escort, but arrive at your destination safely, simply let the dispatcher know and they will mark the alert as a false alarm.

There are no penalties for sending a false alarm. We're all here to keep you safe!

For more information view the video below!