Explore the "Safety Monitor" Feature

"Safety Monitor" helps provide an extra layer of security when on-the-go.

Note: The "Safety Monitor" feature will be changing to "Check on Me".

"Safety Monitor" is an added safety feature of the POM Safe ecosystem that allows a user to set a period of time they will be traveling. You must check in by the end of the period or an alert will be triggered to either your connections, the emergency dispatch center, or both depending on your configuration.

"Safety Monitor" is only available for the POM Mobile device and can be configured for either the One Hold or Double Click functionality via the POM Safe Enterprise mobile app. To configure this feature, click on the hamburger menu on the upper left of the app home screen, then choose your device, then "Alert Configuration".


You can then decide if you want to configure "One Hold" (holding down the alert button until it vibrates) or "Double Click" (double tapping the alert button) to initiate the "Safety Monitor". You must double tap the alert button before the end of the monitoring period to avoid triggering an alert. Choose the option you would like to configure, then slide the "Safety Monitor" slider so it shows blue. Then click on the "Safety Monitor" button to set the time. You will see a brief explanation of how the feature works when you first configure, which you can choose not to see again in the future. Then you need to choose the number of minutes (minimum five) for the monitoring period, and who should be contacted if you don't check in by the end of the period, either the dispatch center ("SOS"), your contacts ("Alert Connections"), or both. Then click "Save".



If you do not check in by the end of the specified monitoring period, dispatch will attempt to reach you on your POM Mobile. If dispatch is unable to reach you, they will send emergency responders to your location. If you forget to check in before the monitoring period ends, but arrive at your destination safely, simply let the dispatcher know and they will mark the alert as a false alarm.

There are no penalties for sending a false alarm. We're all here to keep you safe!