Emergency Alerts with POM 3

Get all the details about emergency alerts, our POM Response Center dispatchers and emergency profile information.

The POM 3 connects via Bluetooth with the POM User’s smartphone and in an emergency can be tapped three times to place a phone call to the POM Response Center, sending GPS location, profile information, and initiating voice communication.

Our dispatchers are monitoring 24/7 and in an emergency can relay important information to emergency responders near your location.

In an emergency, the POM 3 can act as an extension of your phone. It is equipped with a microphone and speaker so that you can speak with a POM Response dispatcher without needing to unlock your phone or dial numbers. You also have the option of placing your POM in "silent" mode so that no voices, or noises can be heard through the POM. This allows you to use the POM as a type of silent alarm and will not alert anyone around that you have requested help. While in silent mode a phone call will still be initiated through the POM to our dispatchers, however you will not be able to hear them, but they will still be able to hear you.




In addition to GPS location information sent from your phone, our 24/7 POM Response Center dispatchers will receive profile information. You can create your profile in the POM Safe Enterprise app and can include information such as a picture of yourself, physical descriptors, medications, medical conditions, emergency contacts and more (for more information, check out the profile article in the "POM Features" section of the knowledge base).

Your location is only shared with dispatchers during an active emergency alert.