Does POM require cellular service or WiFi?

Find details about cellular and WiFi connection required for your POM device.

The required connection depends on which POM device you have: the POM 3 (on the left) or the POM Mobile (on the right).


POM 3 Connection Information

When using the POM 3, the POM Safe Enterprise app sends information from your profile as well as GPS location information to a live dispatcher when you trigger an emergency alert. This requires cellular data or WiFi service, however only the minimal amount of service (one bar) is needed to send information to the POM Response Center.

When you may not have enough service to place a clear phone call, as long as you have at least one bar of service, your location and profile information will be received by a dispatcher who can direct emergency services to you. They will be dispatched even if the operator can't reach you.

Cellular or WiFi service is also required in order to use one-hold features such as Auto Call, Auto Text and Fake Call.

POM Mobile Connection Information

The POM Mobile has a built-in cellular connection, so it does not require a separate mobile device to send alert information to emergency dispatch. The POM Mobile utilizes LTE-M technology to send location and profile information to the dispatch center. This information does not require a lot of bandwidth to send, so even in areas where there is low cell coverage, these messages can go through. If the emergency dispatch operator cannot reach you back on your device, they will automatically dispatch emergency services to your location.