Details About Phone Settings, Permissions and Location Sharing for POM Safe

In order for the POM system to work properly, you must enable certain permissions and settings on your phone.

When using the POM 3 or POM Mobile, certain settings and permissions must be enabled on your mobile phone to allow the device to trigger alerts and send the appropriate information to the emergency dispatch service. These settings are outlined below. Failing to enable these properly could cause the POM 3 to not function properly in emergency situations.

Location Sharing Permission

When creating your POM account and pairing your POM device you will be prompted to allow location sharing permissions. In order for the system to work properly, "Always" share location must be selected. To clarify, this does not mean that your location is always being shared. This means that your phone will allow location sharing when requested by the POM Safe app, and the POM Safe app will only share your location during an emergency.

If you select "Only While Using App" your phone would have to be unlocked and the app must be at the forefront of the screen in order for your phone to grant permission to share location, which could be a blocker to reporting your location during an emergency if you're not actively using your phone and the app.

When location is shared with our POM Response Center, they will be able to see a location pin on a map. Your location will update during the entirety of the emergency alert. Once our dispatchers have resolved the alert, the map showing your location is removed from their database and your phone will no longer send location data.

Microphone Access

During set-up the POM app will ask for access to your microphone. This will allow the POM 3 device to be used as an extension of your phone. You will be able to speak directly into the POM device when using the Auto Call feature, or when communicating with the POM Response Center during an emergency alert.

Bluetooth Access

The POM 3 device is connected to your phone via Bluetooth. The POM Mobile device will also connect to your phone via Bluetooth to facilitate configuration changes and firmware updates. For this reason your phone's Bluetooth must be turned on in your phones settings, and your POM device must be paired and connected in order to function properly.

Cellular or WiFi Connection

The POM app sends information from your profile as well as GPS location information to a live dispatcher when you trigger an emergency alert. This requires cellular data or WiFi service; however, only the minimal amount of service (one bar) is needed to send information to the POM Response Center because the data packets sent do not require a lot of bandwidth for transmission. While you may not have enough service for a clear phone call, as long as you have at least one bar of service, your location and profile information will be received by a dispatcher who can direct emergency services to you, even if you aren't able to receive their incoming call.