Have an extra layer of security during meetings by linking POM Safe to your appointment location

To provide emergency services extra information in the case of an emergency when you are at a meeting inside a high rise or other multi-floor structure, you can use the "Appointments" feature and let the POM Safe app know the specific location of an appointment. This can be done two different ways.

POM Assistant

If you use a calendar system either in your email client or your mobile device, you can invite the POM Assistant to a meeting or appointment, and any location information provided in the meeting will automatically sync to the POM Safe mobile app. If an alert is triggered during the appointment, any additional location information (floor, room, etc.) will be sent with your GPS location to emergency services. To do this, add the email address "" to your meeting attendee list.

It takes about five minutes for the appointment to sync to your POM Safe app. To view appointments, click on the menu on the top left of the home screen, then "Appointments". You can use the trash can button to delete appointments from the app.


Manual Appointment Entry

You can also enter appointments directly into the app using the pencil button in the bottom corner of the "Appointments" screen. You can provide start and end times and your location, and if you trigger an alert during that time, the additional location information will be sent to emergency services.